Communication network operators constantly focus on network availability, network quality and service utilisation to meet the needs of their customers at best questions appear such as "Can I use the services and applications offered everywhere?" and "What quality of service do I get?” At the same time, it is necessary to verify whether the network is performing what it is designed for and if it meets the needs of the users.

Our measuring service provides decision-makers and experts with the data and evaluations necessary to judge about the condition of networks and the usability of services. We provide our services for mobile networks with voice and data transmission, WLAN and critical infrastructures such as trunked radio (TETRA). To this end we measure spaces, buildings, factory premises and routes (roads, trails) as well as means of transport (train, suburban train and underground).

Our offer to you:

Measuring concept

  • Determination of network availability and quality
  • Service measurements and test
  • Quality of service (end-to-end)
  • Quality of experience (user experience)
  • Measuring operation (personnel, technology and resource planning)

Measuring operation

  • Measuring systems (acquisition, configuration and maintenance)
  • Passive and active measurements
  • Data collection, backup and preparation
  • Data visualisation
  • Operational implementation (resource planning and measurement implementation)
  • Special measurements

Data Analysis

  • Individual tailor-made measurement reports
  • Analysis and interpretation of measuring data
  • Optimisation approaches to improve network availability and quality

Additional Services

  • Strategic consulting for future direction
  • Planning and implementation of system solutions
  • Comparison of terminal devices and systems
  • Determining of cost and quantity structure