Networks and components, systems and applications form the backbone for internal and external communication in every company. Network engineering stands at the heart of future design and quality. Especially economic considerations, technical aspects and technical conditions such as availability, reliability, quality aspects and safety requirements play a key role in the analysis of existing and future requirements and the subsequent design.

Our service network engineering starts exactly at this point. We plan, verify and evaluate network infrastructures. In our work we incorporate our relevant specific experience in the various steps such as planning, development and operation as well as the knowledge of connections and processes.

Our services in network engineering include:

  • Planning
    • Architecture and topology (high-level design)
    • Implementation planning (low-level), quantity structures and investment planning
    • Voice and data network planning
    • Creation and further development of technical concepts including the dimensioning of devices, modules and connections
    • Development of implementation and introduction scenarios in coordination with the involved divisions
    • Creation, execution and documentation of test and acceptance procedures
    • Creation and revision of operating manuals
  • Development
    • Network rollout strategy and implementation
    • Migration design for the exchange of existing and introduction of new system technology
    • Analysis, evaluation and optimisation of network technologies Control of rollout projects and network migrations
    • Development of rollout scenarios
    • End-to-end management of implementation
    • Migrations based on architecture adaptation
  • Operation
    • Application of specific operating models
    • Creation, analysis and optimisation of the processes in operation according to ITIL and eTOM models
    • Quality and process analyses as well as arrangements of improvement
    • Establishment and monitoring of service-level agreements (SLA)
    • Safety in operation and implementation concepts
    • Economic Efficiency
  • Testing management
    • Test management and project management of software projects in compliance with time schedule and quality
    • Creation and coordination of test strategies, test concepts and test plans in cooperation with project teams and departments
    • Control of test activities in the testing process, including the adoption of deviations identified by management, and the evaluation and documentation of test results
    • Coordination of the test cases and test data determination, definition of test environment requirements
    • Control and execution of all tests at all test levels including coordination with change and release management
    • Communication with project/programme management and stakeholders as well as progress reporting, documentation of results and ensuring of test acceptance
    • Point of contact for securing the high-quality standards in the test procedure

To ensure quality and cost control, we put great emphasis on the efficient use of implemented network solutions, the early identification of risks in ongoing operations and on sustainability when it comes to our network analysis and network auditing. Pointing out potential for optimization in order to improve efficiency and therefore strengthen your economic assets is at the core of our consulting services.