The market for products is characterised by short life cycles. The development of new products and enhancements of existing ones is associated with significant investments and high risks. Too many product launches (>80%) fail due to lack of pre-planning and structuring with a view to on-time implementation and customer acceptance. This is a critical issue as the market must cope with shrinking margins, and cost-effective operation of products and services. More emphasis than ever must be put to the profitability of new products.

The aim of the product launch service is to introduce the defined product idea that has been previously developed and consequently implemented with the targeted scope in terms of time, budget and quality.

The outcome of our services is:

  • Product specification
  • Technical feasibility study
  • Business plan (validation)
  • Specification sheets
  • Project plan
  • Business and operational, safety and authorisation concept
  • Process definitions and descriptions
  • General specification
  • Implementation (technology, organization and processes)
  • Test specification
  • Specification, execution and evaluation of customer trial

Depending on concept and framework conditions, classic or agile project management methods are used in the launching process.

The project management service is aimed towards increasing efficiency, cost reduction (such as maintenance and development costs) and reducing the complexity of systems and processes, as well as improving the further development of products.

This is accomplished by the following results:

  • Efficient, economical and lean product portfolio
  • Newly structured and lean processes with increased clarity and reduced complexity
  • Lean and cost-efficient technology and organisation
  • Operational portfolio management for further control of products in day-to-day business